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    Wardrobe Essentials: Casual Look

    Okay, men, here’s the deal; I am not trying to dress you, force ridiculous clothes upon you or change anything in your appearance, even though I am a women and that is “what we do”. I am just trying to make you see that with the next essentials, you will have a great wardrobe no matter what. And your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, ...

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    Hidden Treasures: The Lobster House

    If you love take-away in style, go to the Lobster House. This hidden gem at the Frederiksplein, is an absolute must visit! Daily fresh ingredients from the market and prepared with love, that’s the special ingredient you will definitely taste. If you want to combine a tasteful take-away Lobster burger with some take-away Champagne, that’s possible. Now that’s what we call take-away ...

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    How To Wear: Sunglasses

    “I met Jack Nicholson when I was about 10 at a party of my uncle’s, and it wasn’t so much that I knew his films because I was small, but he wore sunglasses inside at night and I thought that must mean he was very important and was suitably star struck by his charismatic presence.” – Emilia Fox  Sunglasses, The best shape ...

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    The Classics: The Fred Perry Polo Shirt

    Few of you may know that Fred Perry was a tennis champion who has won over five Grand Slams and has won Wimbledon three times. These days, the name represents one of the leading brands in (tennis) sportswear who created a great cross-over to street wear. In search of a new sweatband, Fred Perry was approached by his future business partner (former Australian footballer Tibby Wegner) ...

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    8 Fashion Essentials for a great spring wardrobe in 2014

    Dear men, it is time to be bold! Days that you looked good in just jeans and a t-shirt with a splash of colour are over. Bold colours, prints and patterns, slim fitted and still a little rugged or sleek with a posh twist; this spring offers you a wide range of style. Here are a few of those great new insights in what ...

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    Femke’s Thoughts: Pocketmen

    Every once in a while you stumble upon something fun, something new, something different and something cool. Last friday, I stumbled upon such a thing. Having a drink at a bar, these nicely dressed, handsome guys came walking in. Picture the modern man; good suit, good hair and an eye for detail, apparently. Instead of the pocket square they were wearing a nice geometrically shaped, flat ...

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    De Modefabriek

    Every year, twice a year, fashion brands present their new outtake at the Fashion Factory in Amsterdam. This year a new floor plan made sure every brand could present itself in the best way possible. Well fitted stands, clean areas and a tasteful design to signify the different parts and subjects. Chapter is the newest platform, dedicated to menswear and to highlight luxury-, casual- and sartorial wear. ...

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    The Classics: Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

    Two pairs of Chuck Taylors are sold worldwide, every second. Let that sink in. Two pairs, every second. Worn by almost everyone you know, or at least everyone once had a pair. What is it that makes this shoe, these sneakers so popular? And not only now, but through decades? In the U.S. they are simply called Chucks. After Chuck Taylor, the ...

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    Hidden Treasures: Lot Sixty One

    Being a fashionable, hardworking person means you need to drink lots of coffee (preferably good coffee) and in style. Amsterdam has a lot of different places to offer. We really like Lot Sixty One at the Kinkerstraat. Lot Sixty One is all about bean roasting (yes, they roast their own beans), sweets (like chocolate chip cookies, brownies and cakes), a cool industrial ...

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    Video Report: Masters of LXRY 2013

    Video Report by ZeeZoutProducties ...

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