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    Femke’s Thoughts: In search of art

    A few weeks ago, a former teacher of mine posted a comment on facebook; “participate and keep art alive”. This is circulating on facebook for a while now but just never reached me (or I just didn’t pay attention, that happens a lot…) After “liking” his comment he send me a message with a name; Annette Meyer. I was now supposed to go through all ...

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  • millionair
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    Masters of LXRY 2013

    What once was the Millionaires Fair has turned in to ‘Masters of LXRY’. Different  name, same setting. Luxurious goods for anyone who can afford. Most people assume the fair is haughty,  filled with a crowd that is neither pleasant nor fun and focussed on showing of their richness.  It is not. Well, of course a part of it is but it is called ...

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  • julius-restaurant09
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    Hidden Treasures: Julius Bar & Grill

    Open since three weeks and already the place to be for meat loving men and women. Julius Jaspers, a famous television cook (Topchef) and known for his obsession with the BBQ, initiated this Bar&Grill in collaboration with I.Q. Creative (known for Supperclub, Envy, Nevy, Mercat and Mazzo) Entering Julius Bar&Grill you will see a big open kitchen, with a charcoal grill and ...

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    ABC of Fashion: The Hat

    A hat is what it is, a piece of headgear against rain and cold and sometimes just an accessory. There are still old costums like man who take it off out of respect for women or god, or wear it for that same reason all the time. Nowadays there aren’t many men who’d know when, or how, to wear one. Sure, loads ...

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  • clercq
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    Hidden Treasures: Bilder & De Clercq

    Working hard and eating healthy is not always easy to combine, therefore Bilder & De Clercq is the solution. Bilder & De Clercq is a food store arranged by recipe. Different in-store stands display the exact amount of ingredients you will need to prepare a healthy and tasteful dinner, all sorted per dish for your convenience! Four important that can help you ...

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  • Pocket Square
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    ABC of Fashion: The Pocket Square

    ‘The breast pocket handkerchief’ oneerbiedig vertaald het zakdoekje voor in de borstzak van een colbert, dinerjacket of blazer. Steeds vaker zichtbaar in het straatbeeld.  Maar hoe draag je nu op de juiste manier een pochet? Of beter gezegd, hoe draag je het niet? Het is tegenwoordig belangrijker je eigen stijl uit te dragen dan om volgens de ‘gevestigde opvattingen’ gekleed te gaan. Mooi, ...

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